Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The day we got to Colorado Springs was easy and relaxing. We didn't really do anything which was nice because on Monday we headed to Denver to visit the Children's Museum, Aquarium and a big mall.
We started at the Museum. It was made for toddlers to just play and use their imaginations. Taylynn's favorite part was the painting station. She would have just sat their and painted the whole time if I would have let her.

Preston seemed to like everything but only for a minute and he was on to the next. I can tell you he doesn't want to be a fireman, but maybe a veterinarian.

After the museum we went to a local hockey bar for lunch and had some great food. Aaron loved it because he loves hockey. We didn't even realize it was a hockey bar, our GPS was supposed to take us to Taco Bell, but there was no Taco Bell. HA!
After lunch we went to the Aquarium. The kids had been talking about seeing fish all day, so I knew they'd be so excited. It was neat, the kids love it.
We went to Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, mainly so the kids could walk through the Polar Express Snowglobes. They were neat. The one big one you walk through actually had snow falling on us. It was great.

It was a long day, the kids did well without a nap. And we all had a great time.


  1. Looks like fun. I love the Polar Express Snowglobes, very cool!

  2. Oh it looks like they had so much fun!! I love the picture of them dressed like Doctors!! And the one of you guys under the water is great!