Wednesday, December 2, 2009


While still in Colorado we decided to go see Santa at the Colorado Springs Citadel mall.
I was really nervous I was going to have another unhappy picture. Taylynn's first year to see Santa she was one and she cried like I expected. The last year Taylynn was 2 and Preston was 8 months old and the picture was a pre-cry shot with unhappy faces.

So this year either they were going to be really freaked out or they would be ok, but I never expected a smile to come from them. And I never expected Taylynn to talk to Santa and really tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

This was Taylynn asking for a Doll house for Christmas. I wonder if Santa will bring her one?

How do you like their shirts? I made them and a few others for some friends so hopefully if we can get the kids all together I'll show you more.


  1. So... will you share how you made the shirts? I'd LOVE to make some for the girls? Did you just do iron on transfer paper and make up your design or is there more? I'm dying to know, I hope you'll share =)

    The kids picture with Santa is truly ADORABLE!! They are both just so precious!

  2. Yes, I agree with Molly!! Please tell how you made the shirts...they are adorable!! Facebook me girly! :)

  3. The picture is wonderful, what luck. I love their shirts!