Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bun in the oven

So I had a really cute video to show you of my husband finding a hot dog bun in oven.
I found out I was pregnant while he was at work, so I wanted to do something special to surprise him with the news.
I decided I would pretend I was cooking, so I had a pot of boiling spices going and the oven on with a single hot dog bun inside.
When he got home, I asked for some help and asked if he would get the bread out of the oven.
He didn't think it was strange that he pulled a single bun out of the oven, he thought it was strange that I was video taping him.

I kept asking him if he got it, but he didn't. I think he forgot about the bun and was focusing on being on tape. I had to remind him he pulled a hot dog bun out of the oven. Then he got it. I was a really cute and sweet video, but some little boy named Preston got a hold of the tape and ripped it. I was basically in tears because that was 6 months of their lives. Anyway I am working on finding someone to fix it.

On with the news: I am 8 weeks and feeling not so great. I am tired and nauseous. I don't have a preference on a boy or girl. I do think boys are easier, but we have so many boys around us. Taylynn needs another girl to be girly with.

My due date is July 21st. I have my first appointment on the 22nd of December, I am excited to hear the heartbeat for the first time. I feel so blessed to be pregnant again, I am just praying for another health baby.


  1. Congrats! That is so exciting. My daughter's birthday is July 22nd. It is actually not that bad of time of year to be pregnant. Here's hoping for a quick, easy, and healthy pregnancy. I am so glad I am almost done rather than just getting started though!

  2. OH How exciting!!! Congrats! That is the cutest Idea of having him find a bun in the oven!!! Hope the sickness goes away!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! What a sweet idea! Praying you will feel better soon!!!

  4. How exciting!! Taylor my oldest was due July 21st and was born on the 20th. Sigh.... It goes by so fast.

  5. Congrats! How exciting! Hang in there, friend. :)