Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Taylynn

Taylynn Rae

Three years ago today I was in the hospital working on having a baby girl. I had gone in the night before to be induced with cervidil. At three in the morning one of my waters broke, yes I had two.
That is when things got started. I was pretty quickly started on pitocin and felt the pains right away. When it was time for an epidural I wanted it and wanted it bad. I had four needles go into my back and five doses of the meds, but for some reason my body didn't react to it. So I had to do it full on. From the time the contractions started to the end results was 18 hours. I was exhausted and Taylynn was exhausted. After two hours of pushing I gave up and couldn't do it. My Dr convinced me to push once more with forceps and she'd come out. And she did, well her head anyway. Taylynn had shoulder dystocia and was stuck. In lots of cases they have to break a shoulder bone and sometimes the babies get brain damage. God was watching over us and after ten minutes somehow my Dr got her out and other than the cuts and bruises and the minutes of her not breathing, she was perfect. She was beautiful.
I held her for a minute then they had to take her to NICU to check and make sure she could breath on her own. I didn't get to see her for another three hours, but she was healthy and I was blessed.

Now today she is three and I will never be the same again. The time has gone by so fast, but I have loved every second of it. Taylynn was once a daddy's girl and although she still loves her daddy to all ends of the earth, she is a mommy's girl.

At age three some of Taylynn favorites are:

Movies: The Grinch(2000), Pippy Longstocking (1977)

Color: Blue, so she says, but I think she likes pink :)

Sport: She is great at kicking a ball, but yesterday she asked to watch football.

Sayings: "I don't think so", "I am not sure", "Lets dance"

Activities: coloring, puzzles-she'll sit and do the same one over and over for at least 30 minutes.
dancing, playing music (or muussgic as she says), watching Elmo, playing hide n' go seek, and play dough.

Best friend: Adien

Favorite place to eat: Chick Fa La (she always asks for the fruit) and Texas Roadhouse (she loves the peanuts)

Toys: musical instruments

Holiday: Halloween

What she wants to be when she is big like mommy: Santa Claus

I love asking her these questions. She has made me laugh more this year than I ever have, I love it.

Happy Birthday Taylynn Rae, I love you so much!

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