Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yesterday we had our first Dr. appointment for little baby Bivens. The whole family came and did very well. Taylynn was saying the whole day she didn't want a baby only because I said we had to go to the dr.

We heard the heartbeat almost right away. It was a wonderful sound. Taylynn said it sounded like rain, it made me laugh so hard that the dr. lost the location of the heart.

I also got the H1N1 shot. The kids were in the room so I asked Taylynn to come hold my hand. She said no and hid behind her daddy. Preston looked at me with worried eyes and grabbed my hand and held it tight, oh so sweet. That is something I don't think I'll ever forget.

I have grown three inches around, but no weight gain yet, Thank Heavens!

I don't go back to the dr until the end of January, so probably no updates until then. I am guessing my due date is July 21, but it seems when they do the sonogram the date always changes.

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