Friday, December 18, 2009

Bible Study Friends

My ladies Bible Study took a break the month of December since it is such a crazy month. We just finished up Beth Moore's Believing God study and it was wonderful. I can't wait to get back in and do another study of hers. It is a lot of work and discipline, but I have been missing it.

We still made time to get together. In November we had a mini shower for my good friend Ali. It was a surprise. I had planned on doing something for her before she had her baby, so I thought why not add a shower to the mix.

We met at a local coffee shop and had coffee, breakfast and fun. Ali got lots of good stuff for her baby boy who was on the way.

Afterward I took her to get her nails done and it just so happened two of the other ladies were planning on going too. Every pregnant woman NEEDS a pedicure before she goes into labor.

Ali ended up having her baby on November 29th, His name is Abe and he was 8 pounds on the dot. He is pretty perfect and an awesome gift from God.

I love this picture. I stole it from Ali's Facebook. Thanks Ali!
In December we met again for a pottery Christmas Party. We got to pick out an item to paint then spend however long you want painting it. I made one plate and it still took me over an hour. It was just really fun to get the group together and have fun.
Merry Christmas girls. I love ya'll!

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  1. So Fun! And what an adorable baby. Such a perfect gift from God!!