Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas is coming.....

The excitement is in the air. Christmas is going to be really fun this year. Taylynn really knows how to get into those presents and gets so excited to play with them. Preston loves being around people and we'll be around lots during Christmas.

I need to send out Christmas cards, but I am not sure I'll get to it. I think a lot of people have been buying labels for stocking suffers, so I have been pretty busy. I really need to buy my own printer, that would save me so much time.

Today Taylynn had her 3 year check up and I had to ask her some questions for her development chart.
Mom: "Taylynn, what do you do when your hungry?"
Taylynn: "I eat daddy's cookie"

Mom: "What do you do when you are cold?"
Taylynn: "I put on my jacket and gloves and go outside in the snow"

Mom: "What do you use a chair for?"
Taylynn: "I sit in it to watch Elmo"

Mom: "What do you do when you are tired?"
Taylynn: "I get my blanket and read my princess book"

I was laughing so much. I am gonna love this next year!

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  1. Haha kids are so funny! Thanks for making me laugh outloud!!