Tuesday, August 16, 2011


You are four and a half years old, how could this be? I don't quite realize how fast time has gone until I take a look back. I look back into my memory, videos and photos. These things are priceless to me and I am so glad I have them. Even more glad I have you!

You are the girliest girl I know and it sure is fun. You pretty much only wear dresses and you would prefer them to be princess costumes, but we don't leave the house in them. You really want a Disney princess birthday party, but I am pushing for the simple princess tea party.

I enjoy our special moments together like our dates in the evening when I need to run somewhere and you join me. Or the nights I rub lotion on your feet. It's the special things and moments that you'll hold on to and remember. These moments will hopefully carry you through your life and you'll think of me even when I am not with you at school or when your married living your own life.

You are as smart as can be. And you seem to think your smarter than me. Pretty often I'll tell you something and you'll say "No, that isn't true". And you use the phrase "ok, here's the deal". You know right from wrong, but you don't always choose the right. I know this is going to be part of your childhood. You will pick the wrong things even if you know better, but you will learn. That is why you spend time in time out or get things taken away. You have to know that your choice was the wrong one and that there will be consequences. See I don't just put you in time out to be mean, there is a reason :)

I dream about the girl you'll be when you can actually read this. I pray daily for you and that you will be completely in love with Jesus. Nothing else really matters. Yes, I want you to do well in school and I want you to make good friends. I want you to meet a man who loves Jesus like crazy. But these things don't truly matter if you don't have your own relationship with Jesus. And it's not just about making a decision to love Him, it's about really getting to know Him and spending time with Him everyday.

I thought it would be fun to list somethings your into these days, so you can look back and smile:

You are so ready to do to school in fact I think you talk about it everyday.

You still love your blanket and choose to sleep with it rather than your sheet and quilt.

You eat anything and you do so well at meal time.

You like to get a special drink sometimes and you call it Pepsi Diet Coke.

You love movies and you'll sit through them unlike Preston.

You love to dance, who am I kidding you have been dancing since you were in my belly.

You're not to interested in Chandler right now. You don't care to feel him move in my belly, but I make you feel him anyway :)

You love to color and you always stay in the lines.

You love to make lists. In fact you made one today with your birthday party plans.

I love you sweet pea! That will never change.


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