Thursday, August 18, 2011


You are mommy's love bug. You have continued to be so sensitive and sweet. I can't wait to see the man your going to be. Some little girl is going to be a real lucky lady one of these days. It's hard for me to imagine you getting married. I can't even imagine you going to school one day. I am looking forward to this last year with you home before you start preschool. I have lots of fun things planned!

I cannot get over how much you already love baby Chandler. You will run to my belly if I tell you he is moving and feel him and giggle. You also remember him in your prayers every night. You have asked me a few times if we can just go to the hospital and get him out. I think you're pretty excited. You're going to love having a little brother.

I would say your favorite thing to do is everything at once :) You don't seem to stick with one thing very long before moving on to the next. You do enjoy games and we play a lot of candy land and memory.

While I have to test my blood for my gestation diabetes you are my helper and you take good care of me. Maybe one day you'll be a Dr. who knows. I am ok with you being anything you want as long as you are happy. I challenge you to go to the extreme, don't just stop at a safe place in life, really strive to be the man you want to be. I also challenge you to live a life so that everything you do glorifies God. Don't just be content with having a basic relationship with Him. He needs to be apart of your everyday life.

You're my little guy and I love you to pieces. I wish I could keep you just the way you are for forever.

Here are some things that you say and do that I love:

Driving through sonic and I tell you it's not happy hour so you say "then is is mad hour?" ha, I love it!

We went on a walk and you rode your bike the whole time. It was hard for you, but you didn't get frustrated or give up. You grunted a few times, but that is it. You'll never know how proud I was of you being such a big boy and trying SO hard.

You love scary things, so Halloween time is always fun and your really looking forward to it this year.

You're kinda girl crazy, and you talk a lot about getting married. You seem to remember one particular girl you danced with at a wedding last fall.

Speaking of dancing you love it and you really like Micheal Jackson's Thriller. You will shake your little hips to any beat though.

Oh and you're really photogenic:

I love you Preston and can't imagine life without you. Thank you for all the laughs, you make my days so fun!



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  1. What a special fellow that is blessed to be part of such a special family!