Monday, August 8, 2011

October 4th

I thought I should give an update on baby Chandler. I will be 31 weeks this coming thursday. I feel great! Really great compared with my previous pregnancies.

I have a C section scheduled for October 4th at noon. It is funny how many birthdays on the 4th we have in our family. Let me just go down the list:
Taylynn December 4th
Preston April 4th
Mollie (my sister) March 4th
Heather (sister in law) February 4th
Janice (mother in law) January 4th
Bob (father in law) October 4th

And then get this, all of my nieces and nephew all have birthdays in a row:
Brody October 2
Brighton May 3
Taylynn, Preston and Chandler December, April and October 4th
Alyssa March 5

So poor Alayna who was born on the 13th is kinda the odd man out :) I do love that 1 and 3 add to four and that my birthday is 13 backwards.......31 :)

So keeping on with the pregnancy, I did find out I have gestational diabetes this morning. I will have to meet with a diabetes specialist to know where to go from here. I have no idea what this means, but I have less than 2 months so how bad can it be?

I feel great. I even felt great after I drank the orange sugary drink to test my glucose, who would have known.

Baby Chandler seems to be doing great, he is moving and dancing inside me. I am going to miss the miracle of a baby growing inside me. Yes, this is our last. The plan is to get my tubes tied so it will be official. I am ready!

I am off to take the kids to Lawrence for some shopping and some fun!


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