Monday, August 22, 2011


Dear Alayna,
My little baby is turning into a big girl. Each day you do something new and it's bitter sweet. Your little baby steps are getting bigger each time you walk and it is fun to see you get more brave and walk a little farther each time before you lose balance and fall. Throughout your life you will lose your balance and fall, not literally, but by making mistakes and learning how to balance life. I won't always be there to pick you up when you fall (although I wish I could) but your Heavenly Father will. God will ALWAYS be there even if at times He seems distant, He is there. That's the only reason I am letting you grow up, knowing your relationship with God is going to grow and develop into something beautiful. That's my prayer for you.

I do love this age, actually I think I have been saying that since you were about 7 months old. I love how you love. I love when you rest your head on my shoulder. I love how you laugh when we dance. I love how you follow me around the house. I am going to miss all these things one day, so today I am soaking them in and cherishing every moment.

You have continued to be an easy baby. You are starting to show a bit of a stubborn side, it was really only a matter if time. You love Preston, but when he is mean to you, you don't put up with it. For now it's funny to watch you defend yourself, but when you're older I think were going to have a few brawls between the two of you.

I wish you could remember your life as baby and know how much fun we have. Everything is perfect in your little world right now and I wish it would stay that way. I wish I could keep away all pain and all evil from your life. I just want to protect you from the world we live in.

You're my sweetie pie. I must call you that a lot because Preston has been calling you that too. It's so sweet to see how the two of you have connected. I know you'll connect with Taylynn, but it might be when you're a bit older. She does love you, the two of you even have conversation in your bedroom when you're supposed to be sleeping :)

I love you and I look forward to all the time we have together and all the memories we'll make. I love you sweetie pie!



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