Thursday, August 4, 2011

Peter Pan

Last night I took the kids to our local theatre to see Peter Pan. I loved it, they loved it. We had a great time.

I wasn't sure about Preston. About two weeks ago we went to a meet and greet to see the cast and Preston was so scared of hook that he cried the whole time. Taylynn got her book signed by Peter, John, Wendy and Micheal.
Preston did better than I expected. He said he didn't want to see Captain, but once Captain hook appeared Preston was clapping along with the music.

Keri and Aiden also went to the show, so it was fun chatting with them too.

Taylynn now says she wants to go on stage and be a pirate :) We'll see!

Here are some photos of the night (with my new camera I might add)!