Thursday, May 27, 2010

Worlds of Fun

This post has lots of pictures, but with our computer crashing I want to get them all on line, just in case.

On Monday we took a "little trip" as Taylynn calls it, to Kansas City to Worlds of Fun! Taylynn and Preston have been talking about riding a roller coaster for the last two weeks, so we knew they were excited.
Here they are right after we parked and they could see
the roller coasters from the road and as you can tell they are excited!
We had to get a picture of a BIG one!
One quick stop at the fountain and some photo ops before we ride the rides.

The first ride was the worm and only one could go at a time because you have to be 42 inches to ride alone. Let's just say Aaron got to ride this one a lot, but I think he liked it just as much as Taylynn and Preston.Next they rode the ponies and the planes.
Then on to the mini detonator, which this year daddy was instructed to ride with them :)
Hands up!
This is too much fun to sit and take a picture.............Big ball pit
Check out Preston:

He is saying "Did you see that." Such a boy!

Love boat, except I had to make them share one.

Lady Bugs, and they picked their own this time.
Train time, and yes I asked them to hold hands because I wanted them to go together.........this was not done on their own.
Oops, lost my shoe.
Taylynn didn't have patience so she ran off and they ended up on different train cars.
This was funny, Taylynn went back to ride the worm and since they can only ride one at a time I put Preston back on the horse ride and he looked like this the whole time. The workers thought he was falling asleep, but I knew better. This was him being upset and shy all at once.
Poor guy, he was next inline for the worm, but got upset again when he was too little to ride the swing with Taylynn.
He did get to ride a bike though
Then with daddy they road the school bus.
Daddy took a turn and rode a big boy ride, but this also made Preston upset, he was willing to ride everything. Here he is trying to get in.
We did get a family shot. I like this one
But had to include this one because of Taylynn and Preston faces
This ride has been around since I was a child and rode in it.
We even got little lolly pops once we were all done.

It was a GREAT time, but next year just Aaron and I will have to go so I can ride the big rides. I LOVE roller coasters and I can't wait for all our children to be all enough to ride. I hope they like them as much as we do.


  1. What a fun day full of rides!!!

  2. So Sweet Caroline! Can't believe how they have grown. Looks like you all had a wonderful day.
    You look radiant sweet girl! Linda