Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Girls Night- Gender Dectector

Last night we had our usual girls night. We were missing two girls so we ended up going to Pam's house and playing Mahjong. It was fun, but no one won :(
What I want to blog about is the Monday before. It was close to Katie's Birthday so we had a girls night to celebrate her birthday.

Everyone brought yummy food over to my house and we just hung out. We did take a few old girly quizzes you would find in a 1990's Teen Magazine. We also watched a little bit of Sex and the City, the Movie and talked about our plans for May 27th when the new movie comes out.
Something else we did, that we had never done before was the ring test. This is an old myth that if you let your wedding band dangle above your pregnant belly it would tell you if you were having a girl or boy.

This is me and it said I was having a girl and yes, that's true!

This is Kim and it said she was also having a girl. Well at the time we didn't know the sex, but since then she had her
sonogram and it's a ..........................BOY!

So the test doesn't really work. Oh well we had fun doing it.


  1. I loved doing those fun little tests when I was prego with Addaline!

    SO glad you guys were across from us this past weekend. LOVE all the stuff they sell. I want to order some labels, I just have no idea what I would use them for, ha ha! I'll keep brainstorming!

    Oh and I tagged you in a fun little game over on my blog :)

    Have a great day friend! Maybe we'll see each other at the Sex and the City 2 movie?!