Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mexican Food

I have been on a Mexican foods kick. Not sure if it's the pregnancy or what. I never really cooked it or ate it, the only time I really had Mexican was if Aaron picked it up from Taco Bell. I didn't even make tacos.
In the last month I have made tacos twice, fajitas twice and quesadillas.

Recently I discovered enchiladas. Not that I didn't know what they were, but I didn't realize how good they were. I cooked a recipe I found on and Aaron and I both loved it. I have a couple other recipes to try before I commit to one great recipe and make it every other week for our new "mexican night"(you guys do that right, like spaghetti night, pizza night....)
So we rated this recipe a 7, it's a bit pricey, the next recipe I have is from my sister and it is pretty different so we'll see.
If you have any good mexican recipes let me know!

Here is a picture of Taylynn and Preston getting their quesadilla's ready for me to cook.
While their food was cooking I had them make pudding to keep them entertained.

Have a great day. I am 30 weeks today, I can hardly believe it. I am feeling pretty good other than the fact that I can't bend over to pick up the living room or kids rooms. I have to call my little helps to do that for me :)
My next appointment is on Friday, I am sure this little one is doing great because she is moving all over the place. She has moved more than Taylynn and Preston both did. I think she is just excited to get out and meet her sister and brother


  1. Girl I'm addicted to Mexican food. I could eat it 24/7! The pics are so cute of the kids! Happy to hear that you're feeling great too!

  2. We love mexican food!!! and like you we have some pizza night, pasta night, we need to do different things, right.

  3. Sister, Taco Bell is not Mexican food! I am glad you discovered enchiladas though. They are great with chicken and covered in queso!