Thursday, May 20, 2010


Life is crazy right now. Last week our basement flooded, nothing got ruined, but it was a lot of clean up. The same storm blew away the kids playhouse and broke it in many pieces, all which can be put back together in time (when we have the time).
Our computer crashed, so I can now get on the internet, but I have no programs yet. Aaron did just back everything up yesterday. I knew a crash was on it's way. I can tell when the computer is acting funny.
We also are having sump pump issues and we have been getting tons of rain. (This was not the cause of our flood, it was water from the window well) We are probably going to have to buy a new pump.
Our toilets have been messing up, basically just constantly dripping water, which in turn is wasting who knows how much water.
We are have a garage sale this weekend..................enough said!

We did just have a great evening at dinner then laid down with the kids and watch a movie, that alone is the highlight of my week. I love just laying with them and cuddling. I was picturing 5 in the bed, I hope we can all fit.

As we speak Taylynn and Preston are TRYING to sleep. They have been sharing a room for about two weeks and it's not going so well. Preston loves it so he doesn't want to sleep. Although for some reason naptime they both just crash, but a nighttime he wants to talk to her and sing and play. They have been in there for an hour tonight and still aren't asleep. We have moved Preston three nights back into his room just for Taylynn's sake.

I am just so glad she doesn't mind him being in her room, that would make this so much harder. They really have grown to love each other and they are best friends. I have a picture of them sleeping in her room, once I get it back I'll post it.

Good night!


  1. Goodnight to all of you too! seeing all of you was the highlight of my week; including seeing Baby "O"!!

  2. I will pray that everything gets easier for you guys!!