Monday, January 7, 2013

School Events

Taylynn and Preston both made gingerbread houses at their schools before Christmas. I helped with Taylynn's class so I was able to take pictures, but with Preston only having 10 students in his class and two teachers I didn't need to go, although I wish I could have gone in just to get pictures.

 Alayna was with me and took some pictures for me :)

The last day of school before Christmas break was a snow day so the parties took place after Christmas, but they were still fun!

Once again I was needed more in Taylynn's room so I didn't get to take many pictures in Preston's room, but I got a great one with Mrs Fulton and Mrs Brayden and Preston.
For teachers gifts we did gift cards, it was just easier and I knew I couldn't go wrong. Taylynn's classroom all joined in and I put together a giftcard Christmas tree for Mrs White. I think she had a great time opening all the envelopes and seeing what she received.
 The whole class

They played musical chairs and Taylynn got second place. I was proud of her, but even more proud when she wasn't upset that she lost. My children don't like to lose and they act up, but Taylynn behaved wonderful when she lost, I was proud!

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