Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bonding and Birthdays

It is cold here and when it's cold things are pretty low key around me. I only have 20 pictures that I have taken in my camera and 10 of them are taken by Preston.
We have enjoyed a lot of indoor bonding time. This was Alayna and Chandler watching some TV, I had to snap a picture.
 I will tell you, I love it when my friends have birthdays. I enjoy showing them how much I appreciate them and spoiling them a bit :) Last week my good friend Cyndi had a birthday. I got some girls together and we went out. 
I bought some flowers and some cupcakes to help me decorate the table so it was a little extra special for Cyndi. We had a great time. I am so so blessed because of the women I have in my life. I remember in college specifically praying for Godly women to not only be in my life, but for strong friendships to develop. My prayers were answered!

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