Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DIY Lacey Boot Leg Warmers

 So I wanted in with the trend of some cute boot socks, but didn't want to spend the  
I found some materials already in my house and I went at it! The first step I used: trim from an old skirt that I had in the garage sale pile, a sweater that was too big for me, also in the garage sale pile. Thread, pins and scissors.
First I made sure the sweater arm would fit to the top of my calf correctly, then I cut the sleeve off.
When adding the trim whether or not you buy it at the store or use re-purposed lace or trim you need to pin it while the sock material is on your leg that way it will fit perfect when it's on your leg.
Next you can use a machine or hand stitch your trim on. Make sure to leave a little slack while sewing it and don't be afraid to bunch the fabric so the lace isn't going straight across the sock.
It's simple and so cute! Now I just need some new boots :)
You thought that was easy, this next one is even eaiser!!! I took a lacy top that I had in my garage pile and cut the sleeves off and waala! If you don't have a top like this, but you want some cute boot cuff, check out Rue 21 they have their lacy shirts on clearance and they are an additional 40 or 50 percent off the clearance price.

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