Friday, January 18, 2013

69 years

It's hard for me to imagine being married to Aaron for 69 years. Just the thought that we would be lucky enough to have that much time together makes me want to cry. What a blessing that would be. I want that so badly!

I am thinking of this today because my grandparents just celebrated their 69th anniversary. Marriage is a beautiful thing and it is so great to see true love in their eyes. Can you see it? I took this pictures on Thanksgiving. Some of them they didn't even know I was taking. I did NOT pose them, this was all on their own:

 They are HAPPYand IN LOVE who wouldn't want this?

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Paw-paw! Thank you for loving each other they way you do, it has encouraged me to love even more.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of two very special people. They have touched so very many lives, and we are one. We love them so much and are thankful they came into our lives. You, as their granddaughter are especially blessed to have this couple in your lives and they love you and your family so much. What a blessing!! Hugs to you and hope your day is wonderful Caroline, Linda