Thursday, January 10, 2013

7 years

On December 30th Aaron and I celebrated 7 wonderful years of marriage. I cannot believe life has moved this fast, but I have enjoyed every moment. I just wish I could go back and soak it in like the warm rays from the sun.

We were in Arkansas for our anniversary so we had the opportunity to spend sometime alone while my parents watched our children. Thank you mom and dad!!!!

We left around lunch time and went to Qdoba, one of my favorites. We were planning on doing a little bit of shopping so we stopped by a starbucks to get something warm, since it was an outdoor shopping mall we were headed to.

After some fun purchases for me by my husband we headed to Crystal Bridges, a museum of American Art. We walked around and held hands and talked, it was nice! Here is some of the art:



I am blessed to have such a GREAT man and I am blessed that he loves me with all of his heart!

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