Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Year!

Alayna one year ago today at 3:43pm you were given to me from God. You are one of the best gifts I have and will ever receive. You are a blessing from God and pure joy to me. I love you with ALL of my heart.
Last night I took you out of bed and brought you into my room and just held you. You are beautiful and so perfect. I laid you on the pillow while you were still asleep so I could go brush my teeth and I think your daddy and my talking you woke you up. Daddy laid next to you and you smiled with your three tooth smile and closed your eyes again. I soon laid down on the other side of you and we both just stared at your beauty. We held your hands and smiled at each other. I couldn't do anything but thank the Lord for you.
You awake again and smiled at daddy then turned and smiled at me, then closed your eyes again. Sorry I didn't let you sleep, but time goes by so fast I need every moment with you. This was your last night before you turned one and I wanted to remember it.
You laid on me for a while after daddy got up, but you were so tired I had to let you go back to your own bed to sleep. This won't be the last time I interrupt your sleep, I'll probably do it again tonight :)

I wanted to update all your accomplishment this last month, you sure are doing this fast now. You still aren't walking on your own, but you can walk holding on to one of mommy or daddies hands.

You can say: Momma, dada, dog dog, cracker

You can wave goodbye and hello (not on command, just when you feel like it)

Bath time is your favorite. You hear the water and you crawl straight to the tub.

You have been on Whole milk for a week and you are fine drinking it cold. You still won't take a sippy cup, so next week we are entering sippy cup boot camp :)

For breakfast you either eat yogurt, bananas, blueberries, waffles, bagels, or cereal

For lunch you eat what Taylynn and Preston are having, peanut butter and jelly, cheese tortilla, meat cheese and crackers, anything really

Dinner you eat whatever I am fixing, which is so nice to have a baby eat normal food.

You can drink out of a regular cup, you might spill some if it's really full, but you hold it and drink it by yourself and most of the time without spilling.

You also LOVE drinking from water bottles, your like a bottomless pit when we have a water bottle around.

Nicknames: Lana Lou and Lanes

I got your hair in two pigtails for the first time today. You try to pull your bows out, but we are going through bow boot camp right now. So if you pull your bow out, it goes straight back in and I won't stop until you get the idea. Your doing great and today you didn't pull your bows out at all. That's my girl!!!

You are wonderful when we go out to shop or just run around, I think you love shopping like I do.

You went to the movie theater for the first time, but we had to leave after an hour because you just wanted to talk and I felt bad for the other people in the theater. You did great though, we'll just have to wait until we can sit quietly before we go back.

You wear size 12-18 months and some 12-24 months, You are a size 3 shoe, but since it's summer you never wear shoes.

Weight: 30 pounds

Height: 30 inches

So she has a pound for each inch of her body :)

I love my big girl. Happy Birthday sweet Alayna Jane!
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  1. She is so cute! I love her little pig tails! :)

  2. She is the cutest!! I can't believe she is one and you have another on the way!! YAY!!

  3. Happy Birthday Alayna!!!!!!!! God bless you, princess!!!