Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Breakfast

On the Fourth I held a breakfast for our neighbors in our backyard. This was totally a last minute decision, but I pulled it off. I made the invitations and within a few minutes had them at the neighbors house.
I made little touches with the food labels, water bottle labels, straws and goodies for the kids. I enjoy doing this, but man it was a lot of work to do in three days.

I made fruit parfaits, eggs and bacon, pancakes, cinnamon rolls (ok I bought these from Sam Club and they are fabulous) and blueberry muffins.

I made a sunrise juice (oj, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, powder sugar) and my neighbor Marla brought champagne for mimosas.

I had the kids tables set up with Cracker Jacks and fourth of July marshmallows.
The adultsGroup picture, we have exactly the same amount of children as we do adults, but Jill (far left, blue shirt) and I are about to add two. So we'll be out numbered by the kids.....yikes!
all the kids
Family Friends

More to come on this wonderful day!


  1. Caroline, I love to see pictures of the things you made. You are very talented. Wish to live near you,haha.

  2. How do you find time with three kids and being pregnant?? You are amazing!!