Thursday, July 7, 2011

the 4th

The rest of the 4th:

After the breakfast the kids went to the neighbor's house and swam before taking naps.

Then, after naps we swam at the other neighbors.........lots of sun!

Preston was more interested in the fireworks, even if they were just poppers. That's all he wanted to do....oh and eat!

I dressed the girls up in some cute patriotic dance recital costumes, aren't they adorable?
Brighton, Jason and Katie stopped by for a bitI made some macaroni and cheese, these patriotic strawberries and cupcakes for our annual potluck dinner with the neighbors.

Then the fireworks began!Alayna sat with me and even fell asleep with all the noise going on, she must have been really sleepy.


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  1. Love the girls costumes....costumes in Australia are what you swim in.