Thursday, September 17, 2009

oh the things they say

Taylynn has been cracking me up with her ideas and songs and little sayings.

I will admit I think her favorite word is still no. Actually it is NO, but you get it. Other than that the rest that come out of her mouth is pretty hilarious. Here are some examples:

"Santa is coming....he is going to play with me"

"Mommy the monster is coming shut the door"

"Hey sweety, hey honey"

"I am going to girls night"

song.... " Pippy Locking is coming to your worl.....feckle face girl....oooooh oh"

"Stop!! No shaking it" (Yes I was dancing, ha!)

" I got my hiney"

She is a hoot, I love it.

This stuff probably isn't too funny to you, but coming from a cute little two year old, is so funny.

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  1. Kids say the funniest things...especially at this age! Enjoy your sweet little one!