Monday, September 21, 2009

It's not just about the money

Aaron and I have been following Dave Ramsey and his money method. His ways are smart and will be great in the the long run, but as of now it is tough. We are only using cash and every two weeks we get our cash amount.

Let me start off by telling you what our church is doing. For the month of September we are all praying hard for ways to payoff our church's debt, (which I know Dave Ramsey would totally love) and October we are bringing all the money in. We have heard stories of what people are doing, working overtime, skipping going out to eat, shopping less etc.

I am excited, paying off the debt can only be great for us. It means hiring a youth minister, giving back to the community, feeling secure.

Aaron and I have been going through a journey on our way to help as much as we can. The truth is we haven't been helping enough in the past. So what we are changing in our own budget isn't just for one month, its for forever. We knew we were going to start giving more, but we didn't take the money out of the budget until the first half of our month budget money was gone. This basically left us with $220 for two weeks. As of today, with 10 days left, we have twenty dollars in grocery money. I messed up somewhere and spent too much to early. I am just hoping I have enough in the freezer to get us by.

You have heard of 20 dollar meals, let me introduce you to 2 dollars meals that are just as good. I will probably be blogging out what I make this week.

Another way we are giving is through my etsy store. For the month of September I am giving everything I make back to my church. It is so easy for me to do this because everything I have belongs to God and I know that. He has blessed me with creativity and the ability to make my own things rather than go out and spend money. Now he has giving me the opportunity to make money. I can't think of a better way to show him how much I am thankful and grateful for the life and opportunities he has giving me than to give him all I have for a month. Of course that won't be all he gets. Through the run of the store it will always be a portion of his. He is basically the CEO, ha!

I opened the store On April 17, 2009 selling tutus and hand painted letters. I had this scripture on my shop announcement page:

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

That speaks to me, even more today than it did when I put it on their. With making labels and selling at a pretty fast rate I have struggled with time and consumption of my etsy store. I couldn't seem to get it all to fit into my life while stilling being a great wife and mom. I was nervous this wasn't going to work for me and that I was never going to find a balance, but guess what I can do EVERYTHING through Him who gives me strength. After prayer God has shown me the way. It is requiring a new work space for me and a play area for the kids, which will be great for all of us.

I have gone from total nervousness and anxiety/ constant excitement to a calm and relaxed state. I am learning to only be consumed by God.

This month of praying and giving isn't just about the money, it is about life changes and making your priorities right. I am a changed person and if it takes giving God what he rightfully owns, than it is His, all His. For some reason I'd be ok with giving Him all I have, is that crazy? I guess I am crazy for God!
I knew when I opened shop that I wanted it to reflect the love of Jesus. I don't know what He is doing in others, but He has changed me through this process.
I am blessed to have the opportunity to show my love for Jesus and blessed to still have 20 dollars left over.


  1. It amazes me sometimes how when we believe "enough" isn't "enough" it turns out that it is. It's easy sometimes to forget that having PB&J or cereal for dinner is OK and at least for my kids considered a treat since it is so rare. We have tried to eat out of our pantry/freezer for weeks at a time and it always turns out better than just OK. Good luck and kudos to you for sticking to your budget.

  2. That is just awesome! So funny b/c our church is doing the same this month. We are hoping to pay off our church debt in hopes to hire a youth pastor and other things. Thank you for sharing...I do have a story that I will share soon =) God is so Awesome!

  3. That's awesome Caroline! Thanks so much for sharing. Keep up the hard work... and like you said, it will be such a great reward in the long run.

  4. Caronline,
    it's been a while since i've been on here, but my husband & I just finished Dave Ramsey's Finacial Peace University @ our church a few weeks ago. WOW what a life saver! It's amazing to see how much more you can save when you use cash, but saving is difficult to do! I'm with ya on that one! Anyways. Just wanted to say hi & let ya know i'm praying for you too! Enjoy your day!