Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This morning at MOPS was awesome. Two of my very good friends Keri and Kim started coming to MOPS with me and today two more friends from church come, Alicia and Jennifer. I feel so lucky to have such a great group of people around me.
So this morning we were learning about serving and serving with your family and your own passions. I want to find ways to serve with the kids and make this a priority as they grow up so they learn to be selfless and completely compassionate. Something that was said this morning was that you can read Bible stories, teach your children about Jesus, pray every night, but the real way for them to KNOW Jesus is for the parents to reflex him in EVERYTHING they do. The kids can learn about Jesus, which is great. But to KNOW Jesus is even better.

I have already told myself to be more like Jesus a couple times today and to not blow up. So far so good, although I know I will never be as great as Jesus, I would atlest like to try and be the best mom that I can.

As I am writing this Taylynn asked me a question and I responded "yes", she said "say Yes please" ha, how funny. I guess something is rubbing off.

If you have any ideas about ways to serve with young children let me know.

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