Thursday, September 27, 2012


Soccer season is going strong. Taylynn and Preston are both playing this year, they are the Barracudas. They have played two games already. Taylynn says she scored a goal, but to be honest it is really hard to see who kicked the ball in because it's a pack for ten kids surrounding the ball in a huddle. I bet she did score because she goes after it! Preston holds back a bit and likes to take lots of breaks, that was Taylynn her first year too!

For our first game I dressed Alayna in the same colors as the team, but this made her think she was on the team. I had to explain that she was the cheerleader and then fill my bag with distractions so she wouldn't run on the field.

Taylynn in action. Looks like she is having fun!
Preston waiting........
It's a little blurry, but who knew they'd have such a good lookin' coach!!!!

Starbucks after the game!!!!

Chandler and I were there too, just no pictures to document it :(



  1. Merle called it "herd ball" when Paul played.

  2. Hope they have a great season.

    Have a nice weekend.