Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy ONE!

Chandler Dean,
Today you are ONE! This has been the fastest, but best year of my life. You're the caboose of our family and you complete US.
As I have said before you are the happiest baby yet the hardest. Now I can just say you are the happiest baby and almost the easiest. Wow how things change! I can still here your loud screams in the operating room and although you're still loud, it's more of a happy loud.
You love to eat and I think your favorite thing is a banana, your never pass it up. You also love your milk, but not when its cold, you need it kinda warm. Your a mommas boy, but you to love to rest in the arms of your daddy.....I think he loves it too.

You are truly a boy because you get into EVERYTHING. I cannot even tell you how many times I have caught you in the toilet!!!! My screams sounded kinda like those when you were first born. This was also the cause of your first spank. Of course it was a miner spank, but you were still upset. I don't think you have visited the toilet since, knock on wood. Now you love to climb on whatever you can, but you can't get down so you cry until someone rescues you.

Your favorite song is if your happy and you know it, know matter how upset you are you smile and start clapping. I use this song at night when you wake works!

You have never slept in mommy and daddy's bed, but last night I insisted that you sleep with me. I let you fall asleep in my arms then I layed down with you on my chest. I wasn't going to keep you there all night. I knew I had to put you in your bed so we could all get a good night's sleep. I love the short moment I had with you though. The moment has come and gone and maybe it will happen again, but it is a reminder of our life on this earth. It happens so quick. I only have a few years to share my love with you and to teach you all the things I know about how to live a life similar to Jesus. I won't waste the time. It has began and my prayer is that you grow to be full of love, maybe even explode with love!

I love you and although I am sad for you to grow up I am excited for you to get older and to experience the joy of your own children. I look forward to many years of loving you and seeing the man you'll become.

Mommy loves you so much I want to explode!


  1. YAY! Happy birthday to your sweet guy!

  2. I love this!! I also ABSOLUTELY have to know where you got the "one" table skirt banner from. I'm planning a birthday and could use some guidance ':)