Thursday, October 25, 2012

Colorado- Girls trip!!!!

My best friend Lindsey lives in Colorado and my other best friend, Keri is her sister and she lives just down and around the corner from me so Keri and I went for a road trip to see Lindsey in Denver.
We left Wednesday and returned Sunday, it was a fun trip and it was nice to get a break for a bit. There is just nothing like spending time with your girlfriends!

Lindsey took us all around downtown Denver. The day we arrived we went to La Fondue, 16th Street Mall, Larimer Square, Ale House and we rented bikes and road around the city.

That was all day one!!!! Day two we went and had breakfast at Jelly, shopped at Cherry Creek Mall, took a tour of Hammond's Candy Factory, tour of the Great Divide, Illegal Petes for dinner and Stoneys for trivia night.

Day 3 we went to Molly Browns museum, it was in a house she use to live in. Then we spent the day hiking, which was so beautiful. We got dressed in our boots and went to Carmines on Penn for dinner and then Charlie Brown's, a piano bar for some singing and yes, we sat at the piano and sang almost all night.

Day four we went antique shopping and some thrift shopping, it was a rainy day and it made us sleepy so we all went back to Lindsey's and took a nap. That night we went to an adult arcade called 1up and we played games and a huge jenga game. Then we went to the Tavern and had fun bowling and dancing. While we were there we also met a fun group of people, three of them were siblings and the other two were friends of theirs. It was fun to get to know some natives and spend some time with them. Lindsey has kept in touch so it's good for her. This was a great last night in Denver. I think our next trip is going to be with our husbands this spring or summer.

I am so blessed to have some great friends, we had the best time and this will be a trip I will always remember. Thank you Lindsey for hosting us and thank you Keri for being the best travel mate ever! LOVE YOU GIRLS!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun -- what a blessing!

  2. I just looked at these for the first time today! It was the best time ever! Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I'm so glad that out of the 3 of us, there is one who has organized and blogged about our adventures. I'm sure I will never forget this vacation as well, but it is nice to have a place to browse down memory lane. I hope to see you again in the Spring! I loved having you here and miss you much. Love Ya- Lindsey Lou

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