Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Full gear

I don't have any pictures today, I have been slacking on taking them. Taylynn is really enjoying school. She doesn't like the lunch lady, but that is the only complaint I have heard so far. She will not get a hot lunch and she will not go get milk because of the lunch lady. One day I forgot her water and told her to get milk, but she didn't she said she just did without.
She loves going to the library and bringing home books, she has always loved book. All of my kids do and infact they all sleep with books in there bed. Sometimes 10 or 15  books.

Preston seems to like school also, he always asks me before what order we are going to do things. And then he tells me that he is going to go to the bathroom, wash his hands, get his book bag, I need to pray with him, and then I give him a kiss and he is off. I love that he wants me to pray with him, I am not sure he knows the importance of prayer, but I am thankful he wants to do it.

His teacher had a birthday last friday so we went to a local cupcake shop and Preston picked her out a big chocolate cupcake and he got a card for her. I enjoy doing things for the teachers. I plan on working in Taylynn's room once a week or every two weeks, or just when I can. I want to start to get to know some of the children Taylynn is with everyday and I want to be as much of a help to her teacher as I can.

Alayna and Chandler sleep while Preston is in school. Pretty much the entire time. It gives me a chance to breath! School has really taken a lot out of me, I think next year will be easier because Taylynn and Preston will go to school at the same time. The mornings will be crazy, but I can handle an hour of crazy.

Chandler is 11 months today, I will have a separate post for that soon! I need to take his pictures, but he is asleep on the sofa right now, he is a tired guy!

Right now Preston and Alayna are playing in the girl's room and it's quiet, which means they are getting along.....this seems to happen when Taylynn is at school, they just get along better.

I just got back from MOPS and it was a our kick off meeting. I am Co coordination for creative activities and a small group leader, I am excited. This should be a great year!

Youth group starts up again this week. I am the middle school girl's leader, really looking forward to this. I know this is a critical time for them and I am so excited to see how God is going to impact their lives.

Zumba is going great. I have had three classes so far and it seems like everyone enjoys it.

Soccer practices started two weeks ago. Taylynn and Preston are on the same team and Aaron is the coach. Pictures and video to come!

Aaron and I are looking for a new house. This process will probably take a while because I am a bit picky, but I don't want to move again so I'll wait!

Life is in full gear here and it's only speeding up!

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  1. Oh my! Reading your post just totally exhausted me. I swear that having kids in school really takes a toll on the mommy (and daddy too)! You have so much life and energy. I want to be like you when I grow up (or when I'm done being preggo)! Love ya!