Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twine Lamp

DIY twine lamp. So simple and quick if your ready to jazz up your lamp shade.

You will need:
Lamp shade
burlap or fabric
hot glue
needle and thread

I bought a thick twine from Hobby Lobby. The thicker, the quicker when winding around craft projects.
I start from the top and go to the bottom, hot gluing as I go.

For the flowers I used fabric around the house and then I spray painted some burlap blue. To form the flowers you can cut a strip of fabric 1 inch wide and about 40 inches long. Make a fold in the fabric and one stitch. Along the bottom of the fabric you need to make stitches all the way across then pull the thread so the fabric bunches up.
You the shape the fabric into a flower shape and stitch to secure it.
Hot glue a button and hot glue to the lamp and you're done!

If you are ready to take some pintrest ideas and blog about it be sure to link up here!! Their is a time line so get crafting.



  1. super cute! Where are you putting it?

  2. I am in love with this idea!!!! Good work!

  3. Cute! Jessie said you have made some neat things involving buttons. You know how I love buttons!Kim