Monday, January 30, 2012

Big girl bed

Since Alayna and Chandler are less then 15 months apart, we have to do some things a bit earlier than normal.
We only have one crib and it's Alayna's for now. She just turned 18 months and I thought I would just try taking the side off her bed to see if she would stay in bed. She has a twin bed already in her room, but I didn't want to take the entire crib apart move it to Chandler's room and have trouble with her at night to the point where she needed back in the crib. BTW why don't they make cribs so they can fit through a standard door??? I have to take the crib apart just to put it back together again. Gee Whiz!

So anyway we are on her fourth night and she is doing great. Yes, she gets out once and a while and sits and plays with books, but we just put her back in her bed. She doesn't scream or cry, in fact she is pretty quite and kinda sneaks out of her bed. I really wish we had a video monitor in her room to see what she is really doing.

We are going to take the crib out in the middle of February so Chandler can finally have a bed. He has a pack and play to sleep in, but he doesn't sleep in it. He is still in his car seat, but that is all coming to an end. This mommy is cracking down!

I am about to have only one left in a crib, I am going to miss these baby stages. I have been telling my self "these are the best days" one day I am going to look back and only remember the joy and the fun little things I do with the children, I'll forget that I had to say "no" 200 times in one day or that I had to send someone to time out just so they could learn how to be behave. I'll remember their smiles, the cute little things they say and the way their hand feels so little in mine. These are the best days!

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  1. I'm glad A is doing so well with her new sleeping arrangement! I know what you mean about cribs and sharing them with the next baby. They really need to make cribs fit through doors; I hate that we have to take them down just to move them 10 feet!

    Yes, we always look to the past with nostalgia. I'm totally guilty of doing this. I always think the past was easier, or more fun, or what have you. But in reality, I'm living those same memories right now that someday I'll remember as nothing but pure bliss. Whenever I'm wanting to remember something, I try to pause and burn it into my mind. This happens a lot as I'm rocking my baby-- I try to etch how soft her skin is, or the way her neck smells into my mind. I also love watching one of them score a soccer goal and seeing her smile, or even when Kenli read a real book for the first time the other day. I love seeing that look of accomplishment--I want to remember it for always!