Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas day!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Santa arrived and ate the cookies. He left some goodies too!

Alayna was the first up and when we brought her in our room she woke up Taylynn and Preston. It didn't take Taylynn but 4 seconds to realize it was finally Christmas morning.

We headed down stairs and the excitement began. Actually everyone is quite mellow and they first walk around and look at everything then they finally sit down and check out all the goods Santa brought.

Since this Christmas was on a Sunday we had to quickly get ready for church then head out the door. I love it when Christmas ends up on Sunday, the service was beautiful and so was the music.

When we got back to the house my Grandparents came over and My brother's family came from Springfield. It was great to have everyone together and it was my first time meeting my brothers daughter Kaitlyn. She is about 6 weeks earlier than Chandler, so the two of them are going to have lots of fun in the future.

We had a wonderful prime rib dinner and then opened some presents.

It was a wonderful Christmas! A wonderful LIFE!


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