Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Silhouettes DIY

My friend Kim made some really adorable silhouettes of her family and I LOVE it so I decided to make some too!

My intentions were to walk you through the process with pictures, but when I get going stopping to take pictures is the last thing on my mind. With four children my craft time is short so I have to move fast. I do have a couple pictures to help you get an idea, but really this was a cheap fairly easy project.


-wooded quilt hoop (any size works)
-wonder under fusible transfer paper
-cotton fabric of your choice for the face
-fabric of your choice for the backing Kim used canvas, I used burlap, but anything works
-tea towel

I got all my supplies first so I would know how big I needed to print the face.

When taking the picture of the child first make sure their hair is fixed the way you want. ..hint turn bows to the side so you don't just see their profile.
Set the child in front of a window an take the picture without the flash.
I had to take about 20 pictures of each child until I got the correct one.
I download the picture then put it on Microsoft word

Make a box shape and set it the size you want the head. I made a six inch head for a 8 inch hoop, but make sure if you do younger siblings you make them smaller the younger they get. Add your picture an enlarge it so the top of the head to the neck fit in the box and print on your printer.

I printed on cardstock so it was easier to cut and trace.

Once the face is printed cut out very carefully

Trace the face BACKWARDS on the smooth side of the transfer paper.

Iron the transfer paper on the backside of the fabric (follow iron directions that come with transfer paper)

Cut out face

Peel off transfer paper

Place face on back fabric and cover with damp cloth and iron (again following directions that come with your transfer paper)

Enclose the face with backing into your quilt hoop tighten and cut off excess fabric. I hot glued the burlap around to make a clean look.

I hung them with knobs from Hobby Lobby and fell in love with this wall. So happy an I am going to love it even more years from now.

If you are ready to take some pintrest ideas and blog about it be sure to link up here!! Their is a time line so get crafting.



  1. oh my that is so cute!! to where you get the time to do all that pretty thing with four kids??

  2. These are great! Thanks for the instructions! :)

  3. Those are beautiful! I am really impressed!

  4. Oh I totally LOVE this idea! I may try it this weekend with my four!! Thanks for posting!

  5. So sweet Caroline!! They are all growing so fast. You did a beautiful job, thanks for the tutorial!!

  6. These are beautiful! I'm going to pin it for a future project. Found you via Christina's pinterest challenge!