Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chandler 3 months

Chandler you're three months today!
I have really been soaking in my time with you. I am really going to miss having a baby around, so I am not taking your first year for granted.

This month was a busy one, but a lot of changes for you Mr. Chandler. You love looking around and playing with your toys dangling from your car seat. You smile all the time and you are such a happy boy. You talk a lot, especially when you're sleepy. It sounds like you are singing yourself to sleep.

You have been sleeping well at night. You get up once or twice to eat, but always go right back to sleep. You still sleep in the car seat at night.

Your favorite thing to do is have your legs naked and lay down. You just kick them all around and coo like the world is perfect and it is.

You wear size three diaper and 3-6 / 6-9 month clothing.

You're 16 pounds.

Your mommy and daddy love you to pieces. We are excited to see the man you grow to be and the plans God has for you. I pray for you every night, and I pray that one day you will know your God and have a strong relationship with Jesus.
Love you Chandler Dean!!!


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