Thursday, March 17, 2011

I am wearing green

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Still no camera, so just picture the kids and I dressed in our best green because we are! We went to lunch today to celebrate my friend Kim's upcoming birthday on Saturday. We went to the usual pizza spot Via's.

After lunch was over we were just going to head home but I made a quick decision to try taking the kids to the St Patty parade, we made it and they loved it. They were thanking me in the car for taking them, I guess we'll be going to more parades in our future!

I am ten weeks today and feeling pretty good so far. The morning sickness isn't too bad! I am extremely EXTREMELY tired! I go to bed early and really enjoy my sleep!

On another note, Alayna has been saying Da Da today, her first time was actually on Aaron's birthday, but I couldn't get her to say it. Today I ask her to say Da Da and she did, lets just hope she does it for Aaron.

I hope everyone is wearing green and is having a great day!


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