Monday, March 21, 2011

Alayna in the Spring

My camera is back!!!!! The bad news is I don't think it's any better :( I need to test it some more.

So of course I have been taking some pictures to catch up:

Alayna enjoying the spring air, she loves being outside
Alayna sleeping on daddyYes, I do have two other children, pictures to come!

BTW some of our good friends are getting their sonogram today, I am so excited to find out what they are having. No matter what it is I hope we have the same. They have a boy Chase who is 6 weeks younger than Preston and they love being together, so I really hope we have what they have!
Whats really important is that the sonogram goes good the baby looks healthy. They should be finding out about right now, so pray for them.

It's a BOY!


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