Thursday, December 16, 2010


Today was Taylynn's last day at her preschool. She'll be moving to a new preschool next semester. She'll still be with her classmates, but she will have all new teachers. This was the first really emotional "mom thing" I had to go through. I hated that she was going to have to deal with change, but all in all I think I am the one who is dealing with it. I know she'll be just fine. I think it is hard taking people out of her life that really care of her, but we have no choice. Her teachers were great and Taylynn LOVED them!

For teacher treats I got the girls together and we made some really cute gifts for Taylynn and Preston's teachers. I made all kinds of yummy treats like White chocolate cranberry macadamia nut cookies, Dark Chocolate white chip macadamia cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, puppy chow, and mint chocolate chip cookies. Hopefully their teachers like chocolate!

I got a picture today after picking Taylynn up of her and her teachers, we'll miss them a lot. Who knows, maybe they'll have the program up again next year for Preston, we'll see!

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  1. What women doesn't love chocolate!! I think those are great gifts!!