Monday, December 6, 2010

Birthday Celebration!

Taylynn had a great birthday. About a month before her party I googled girl birthday cakes and let Taylynn look at the images to pick out which cake she wanted and she really like the Barbie dress cake. So we sat down and watched a youtube video and we thought we could do it. So the night before her party we made the cake, Taylynn is GREAT helper in the kitchen.

We had a wonderful day on her birthday we went to Barnes and Nobel and got something yummy from the cafe, then we went and played in the kids area with the train. Preston and I then snook off with four dollars from his piggy bank and he bought Taylynn a book for her birthday.
Then with a little four year old request we went to McDonalds for lunch. Taylynn just wanted to play in the play area. They had fun and it wore them out for naps.

Once they got up it was about party time. We invited family and Friends (Janice, or Oma, Bob, or Grandpa and Rose, Uncle Jason, Brighton and soon to be AUNT Katie, Aunt Mollie and baby Jack) Then a few friends (Ali and Riley, Jill and Chase, Keri, Jamie, Aiden and Kieren, Kim, Derek, Carter and Camden) It was a full house, but so much fun. This was her laid back year for a party, she only gets a party every other year. So no decorations or invitations, just friends hanging out.

After everyone was gone and the kids were in bed, Aaron and I stayed up and watch about a hour and a half of Taylynn's first moments in this world on video. Wow how she has grown and changed. I love the little girl she was and even more I love the little girl she is today.

She had a wonderful time. The next morning when she got up, the first thing she said even before she got out of bed was "Thank you for my party". So sweet!


  1. Happy 4th Birthday! She looks so cute in that sweet #4 shirt! Y'all did a fantastic job on that cake!

  2. Loving her dimples & that shirt! :) Happy Birthday!