Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Months

This post is a little late, but only by 6 days :)

Alayna is now 5 months old.

She has made some milestones this month.

She now eats cereal, and loves it.

She can sit for a couple seconds before loosing balance and tipping over.

She rolled over from belly to back for the first time on December 17.

She really loves playing in her excer-saucer, she'll grab on to those toys and eat them and play with them for a good 30 minutes or so.

She had her first taste of banana thanks to Preston, he got in big trouble for this!

She weighs 20 pounds.

She wears 6-12 month clothes.

Just today she figured out how to make raspberries with her mouth.

And also today while she was playing in her excer-saucer she got hungry and when she saw me she SQUEALED! This made my week.

Wow! A lot has changed in the last month. She has grown up so fast.

We had her baby dedication today at church, the video is the post below this one. Uncle Jason, (soon to be) Aunt Katie and Brighton came to the dedication. Then I made lunch for everyone after church. What a wonderful day for so many reasons.

Alayna, I cannot believe you are five months, and I know when your five I will be saying the same thing. Time flies by, but I love you more everyday. You really have stolen my heart. I love putting your sweet rosy cheek up to my face, your skin is so soft and so warm. Everyday I try to remember special moments between us. Today will be a day I remember with your squeal when you saw me and your little raspberries. I am so thankful for memory, but Lord I wish I could have more. I seem to forget so many little things. The most important thing I know is that God loves you and God gave you to us, and what a wonderful gift you are.

I love you sweet cheeks!


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