Friday, December 3, 2010


Four years ago Aaron and I were checking into the hospital to begin my induction to deliver Taylynn. I had no clue how much life would change the next day. I look back and dream to have those baby days back. The days we would turn music on in her room and dance. The days it was just the two of us and we would go on walks and go to classes at the library. And every night after she would fall asleep I would go in her room to make sure she is sleeping good. Sometimes I would pick her up and hold her and sing to her, sometimes I would lay my hand on her heart and pray for her. Many times I would cry because my love for her was so strong. I even had nights when I was nursing her that I wished for her to wake up so I could get up and be with her.

Today, not a lot has changed. I will go in her room and pick her up after she falls asleep, I still pray until I am in tears and she teaches me moves when we dance. She has taught me so much and she has made me a better mom.

So tomorrow on her fourth birthday I won't be sad at how fast the time has gone, but I'll be looking forward to the year we have to come.

I love you Taylynn Rae!

I wanted to add some pictures from dinner tonight, we went out to celebrate Taylynn's birthday and we really had a great time.

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