Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Movie Date

Catch up day. I will be doing all my Christmas posting today, so keep scrolling down!!!!

Saturday the 11th Payless had their movie Christmas party, where they open up the movie theater in the morning and we get to go see a movie. This year we saw Tangled, in 3D. I LOVED this movie. It is great for little kids because it's not too scary. The mean lady is "mean" but she doesn't look scary. It is a bit sad at parts, but that probably just comes from the mom in me. The kids weren't scared at all.

It is funny because it was in 3D, but they wouldn't wear their glasses. Can you imagine watching a blurry movie. They didn't complain though.

It was a really fun morning. I think Preston ate all the popcorn!

They also got to see Santa

They got some holiday tattoos too!

Keri watched Alayna so we could go, thank you so much Keri!

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  1. So cute. We didn't go this year because I didn't think Hunter was quite ready to sit through an entire movie. Though Chad and I would have loved to see the new Narnia movie. I can't wait to take Hunter next year. I know everyone always has so much fun. The woman giving Taylynn her tattoo in the last picture is one of my favorite people at Payless. Candy is seriously one of the sweetest women ever! So glad you guys had fun!!!