Monday, July 12, 2010

So Blessed!

Taylynn and Preston

Tomorrow your baby sister will be brought into this world. God has blessed this family with three wonderful children and nothing is better than being your mommy. I pray I don't ever take for granted the blessing of having you as my children. I love you both so much and I know I'll love Alayna the same.

Tomorrow is a life changing day for all of us. I hope you open your arms to the love of a little sister, but I am sure it will be hard at first. It breaks my heart thinking that I can't give you as much attention as I normally do, but you will be loved, no less, only more.

We spent today doing things you love to do. Preston, you and I played games and did puzzles this morning while Taylynn you painted (something you have lately been begging to do every moment your awake). Then we got dressed and I took you to the mall where you could play indoors then eat chick fil-a. We came home and you rode your bikes and played in the garage. You are sound asleep in your beds now and I wish I could just sneak in there and watch you both sleep. When I do this I end up picking you up one at a time and holding you, sometimes I cry because I am so in love. I'll let you sleep and save that for tonight.

I am afraid you'll think my love has changed for you after Alayna is born, but I promise I will only love you more as our family grows, as you grow. I fell in love with you both, on the days you were born, but I love you even more now.

I have been scared of you growing up, but I am looking forward to seeing the people you'll become. I hope God's love is a fire that burns in your heart, I pray that God will take you and use you for all his good work. This to me is the most important thing in life. Know who Jesus is, take Him into your heart and let me be your everything. I don't want you to just be content with your faith, I want you to step out of the box and be a display of who Jesus is.

That's what I want to be for you. I want you to see who Jesus is through me. I am trying to be the best mom I can be, by His example. I fail.........a lot! You will fail to, but we are forgiven, we are so blessed.

I love you both and that will never change. I look forward to this new journey with. I am so amazed, so blessed!


  1. This brings a tear to my eye! I will be thinking of you tomorrow, my blog friend, and saying a prayer for your whole family! I can't wait to see pictures!

    Angie @ Angie's Daily News

  2. LOVED the letter! Good luck with everything tomorrow and I can't wait for the blog post introducing Miss Alayna :) Will be thinking about your sweet family!

  3. Good luck tomorrow . I will be thinking of all of you tomorrow during this life changing event.

  4. will say a prayer for you!! Cant wait to see pics of the sweet new baby girl!!