Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Week

Alayna you are one week today and time has been flying by. I am so in love with you, you have stolen my heart.
You seem to love me too, you always calm down when you get placed in my arms. Ever since the day you were born, you knew me. The nurse would bring you in crying and once you were in my arms you would stop and become so relaxed.
You love to sleep, your not as much of an eater as your brother and sister were, you'd rather sleep. You sleep in mommy and daddy's room in your moses basket, although I have left you in our bed a couple of times. I love to sleep next to you, I love just being around you.
I am not the only one. Your sister and brother adore you. Preston loves to hold you, as you can tell from pictures. Taylynn held you for the first time yesterday, we let her wait until she was ready. They love on you and talk to you while you sleep. They jump to your side when you make a noise and say it's ok baby Alayna. Preston rubs your hair and tells me how soft it is. I'll catch your daddy holding you and staring at you. We are all taken by you, we love you so much.

Alayna's first bath at home

Taylynn's first time to hold Alayna

Matchy Matchy

In the meantime Aaron is doing EVERYTHING around the house. He is such a good husband and daddy.
I have four showers in the next three weeks so I have been working on gifts with baby in my arms.
If I am not holding Alayna she is usually here, doing this....
I did sit down and play with her and some toysAnd even today I got a first real smile, I loved it!
And with this heat Taylynn and Preston have been doing things like this.....

I couldn't ask for more, I love this life!


  1. Baby Alayna is so adorable!!! It makes me have baby fever (even though my youngest is 10 months!). You have such a beautiful family and I love all of you updates. I can't wait to see Alayna grow so much over the next few months! Congrats!!

  2. Congrats Caroline!!! Baby Alayna is beautiful. God bless her.

  3. You are such a sweet mama and what a precious family!!! I am so eagar to see you all again!! 2 days!!

  4. Congratulations to your sister! And baby Alayna is gorgeous!