Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life is wonderful - old post that was never posted

Everything has been wonderful around here. I haven't had much time to do anything, like read blogs, but I'll catch up at some point....I hope!
My husband went back to work on Monday, but my mom is here to help out. Next week will be the real test as it if I can handle this on my own. We'll see!!!!
Alayna is more beautiful everyday. She had her two week check up yesterday and is growing fast. She is back to her birth weight, half an inch taller and in the 90% of everything :) Last night she only woke up twice to eat, oh it was wonderful. I am a mother of three now and I know not to expect it to happen all the time now. Tonight she'll probably get up 4 times.

Taylynn is doing VBS at our church in the evenings, tonight is her last night though. She really loves it. Preston still begs to go every night, I feel bad, but next year will be here soon.

My good friend Ginger is in town so we got to spend some time together last night during VBS and this morning. It is so wonderful to maintain a friendship with someone from out of state even though you only see them once a year.

Week through photos

Ginger, Makayla, Payton and Ava come to visit

To the zoo, pizza shop and daddy cakes with Grandmother
Lunch with Pam, Keri, Lindsey and Christina- There are no picture of adults, but my mom and I were invited over for lunch. It wasn't jst kids :)-
Jessie and Sam's wedding
Janelle's Shower

Baby swap......Kate and I
Janelle and Alayna
The bow holder I made baby Kate
Taylynn modeling pillowcase dresses for a mission project at our church
Friends, Ava and Taylynn

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