Friday, March 30, 2012


My sister and her family just moved to Wichita and we went on a mini trip to go see them, my parents (who were also visiting), their new house and stop in an antique store on the way (this will be a separate post).

My parents set up an Easter egg hunt and it was a perfect day for it. The kids had a great time. I wasn't sure how Alayna would do, but she loved it and really had a good time finding her own eggs. I was a proud momma!

My parents had a chance to spend some good quality time with the grandchildren while my sister and brother in law went to a wedding.

My mom and I decorated parts of my sisters kitchen to help her get settled. I didn't take any pictures, but I thought it looked really cute! And we did it in about an hour.

It was a great trip and we'll get to see Mollie next week and my parents in a few weeks!


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  1. Spending time with family is the best.

    Amazing pictures of the family.