Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My walk...

Everyone now and again (or more like once a year), I have the opportunity to share what God is doing in my life or what God has done in my life with our youth students. I seem to take this more seriously than I do with sharing my story with adults because I know these students are in a huge transition and I want my story to make an impact on them. I also think about the fact that one day my children will be in the youth and they will have someone pouring out there heart to them. I need to let God give me the words to say and just pray the Holy Spirit will help my words glorify God.

Anyway, when sharing my story I realized I really wish my children could hear it and learn from it so I thought it was better for me to type it out rather than trying to remember it 10 years from now.

So here is just a little something on how God has impacted my life....

I have been a Christian for 20 years. I grew up in a Christian household, loving God was easy at this point. My parents were great examples of Christ and it seemed like I had life all laid out for me. No matter how you were raised or how long you have been a Christian, things get tough and at times we will all fail God and fail with our unbelief.

I started middle school really excited to branch out and meet new people. I kind felt like I needed to have lots of friends and didn't really care who I was friends with. I found a group of girls that I seemed to click well with and it felt good to have someone to say hi to in the hall and to eat lunch with. I think I was so afraid of being alone in this "new world" that my standards were nonexistent. I had a good group of friends in my church youth group, but we all went to different schools so we didn't have that support systems in our schools.

I continued my friendship with these girls until we reached high school. It was then that I felt the split between us. We really were so different. They weren't Christians and my relationship with God wasn't going anywhere because I wasn't being challenged by anyone. At the time I didn't even understand how a group of friends could really impact me. If I could go back I would try to find a good core group of Christian friends that lifted me up and challenged me. I was just so young in my faith to realize God is big enough to help us with the little things in life like the friends we choose. I felt like asking God to give me Godly friends was too minor for's not!

So at this point I am a freshman in high school finding my place. I was now searching for more friends, but still unaware that I should be looking for Christian friends. I kinda just jumped around. I had a lot of "friends" but not a lot of close friends. It was hard, but it only got worse.

When I was in college I had a "friend- low". I had my husband (friend at the time), but I was missing out on girlfriends. It was hard, but it also got me to my knees asking God to bring me some godly friends and some true friendships. This was the first point in my life where I called on God to help me with my friendships. I finally realized God wants to handle the little things in our lives just as much as the big things.

It wasn't quick, but God came through. Aaron and I got married and God surrounded us with some great neighbors who also love God. He brought some women in my life that really helped me through those first couple years of marriage that aren't always so easy. God has given me a mentor who is become a true friend. I have several (more than I can name) women from my church that I can confide in and call blessings. Several mom's that are in the same boat I am, have helped me through motherly issues and visa versa. God has gone beyond my expectations. I asked for one, maybe two, close Christians friends and he gave me a couple handfuls.

Ask and it will be given to you;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
Matthew 7:7

All I had to do was ask God. All that time He must of been waiting for it and when I did He probably said "took you long enough" ha! If I only would have known. That is why I am telling you. You can ask God for anything, big AND little. He is big enough for it ALL, so give it to Him.

I am not sure how my life would be different if I would have relied on God more in high school, but I will tell you now, He is the first one I run to for all things. No reason to look back, I am in such a great place now.

And for my friends who are reading this (you know who you are) thank you for being who God made you, you are all blessings in my life and I am so thankful for you.

Oh and I should mention, after giving my story I had all the students eat fortune cookies with this scripture inside:

Don’t be deceived, bad company corrupts good character.
1 Corinthians 15:33

I hope that the cookies will bring them back to this message and remind them to pray for God to bring them some people that will impact their lives.

So Taylynn, Preston, Alayna and Chandler, we have already been praying for the friends God has brought and will bring into your lives. I pray that you all have some great Christian friends that will help hold you accountable in your walk with Christ. I pray that you will be that friend to others as well. But for those times in your lives when you feel alone, your mommy is always here :)


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