Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chandler is five months

Chandler turned five months TODAY!!!!! This month has been a big month for him, he is getting so strong. He is very close to sitting on his own, it won't be long now!

He now sleeps in his own bed at night, we're not sleeping through the night yet, but we have high hopes for this next month.

Chandler had his first bite of cereal on Valentine's Day, he enjoyed it, but he still prefers his milk.

Chandler sleeps during the day on me. It seems I can't put him down during the day unless I have to. He likes to cry unless he is getting full attention, so he is pretty much on my hip all day. He is our last so I am ok with this, just soaking in all the sweet baby moments I can.

As I type this he is content laying on the floor, praise God!!! He is also, at this very moment, sucking his toes. I hear he takes after his daddy on this one :)

Chandler is 19 pounds and wears size 6-12 month clothes.

He is still the happiest baby I have ever seen and he has such an adorable laugh. And every time someone talks to him he smiles soooo big.

These baby days are so precious to me and they will be missed. He is growing faster than I want him too.


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