Thursday, March 8, 2012

Revamped living room

We have fixed up our living room and I can now say its they way I have always wanted it to look. I really love it.
I went from green and plum to green, cream and a vintage blue. Many things are "homemade" and vintage and it just really makes this room feel so homie.
They love the new couch and we can all fit on it, it's so big!



  1. It looks pretty!!!

    Have a fun weekend.

  2. Oh Caroline, you did a wonderful job with this room. The arrangement of the furniture is perfect and I love the new blue and softer pallette. Love the arrangment over the new couch, very artistic. You will enjoy the new couch I know. Just finished picking out a couch for the newly finished basement and it is really a chore to find just exactly what you are looking for it seems. Anxious to get in sometime in May. Your family is growing up so fast and you are both doing a great job!! Proud of you girl!